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Tuesday, January 25th 2011

7:02 PM

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! (How to make $10k this month)

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Hi Business Builder

I wish to believe that your business is let's follow us to be introduced with new businesss education  opportunity...

There's been a big announcement by Kevin Wilke
and his company Nitro Marketing...

Say hello to Version 2.0 of their groundbreaking
FREE online training!

They've totally RE-WORKED their powerful
"Local Business Money-Machine" webinar
training, with new and powerful material.

   They've been giving our FREE 1 hour online
   training for over a year now with MASSIVE
   success for their students...

   With many of their students making up to
   $5,000 to $10,000 a month with only 6
   sales in just 30 to 90 days.

   And now...

   They've taken every new lesson and new
   material they've discovered in the last 18
   months and added it to the training!

Have you wondered what the most successful
people would do if they had to start all over

When you go to the following page...

Kevin answers that question on his totally updated
and new free webinar training 2.0:

   "How To Make $100,000 With Just 6 Sales In
    90 Days...

    And Outsource 100% Of The Day-To-Day Work!"

Version 2.0 of our webinar training is more
powerful than ever, making it even easier for
you to make cash (thousands of dollars) quickly.

In the past 18 months... EVERY single person
he's told about this begged him to tell them more.

When he first taught it to a small group of people,
within three weeks 41 of them were already
bringing in money.

Obviously this works.

And this time, the updated Version 2.0 is even
MORE powerful and effective.

This webinar is the only time he's going to
share it with you.

And he's also giving away 4 pre-webcast videos
for you to watch that will shed a lot of light on
this for you.

They're all waiting for you as soon as you register
for the webinar.

Space and time is limited, so reserve your spot
right away (the webinar starts this coming
Wednesday, January 26th):

To your success,

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