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Sunday, June 16th 2013

7:39 PM

Real online biz sells for big bucks

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Hi Business Builders

I really hope you've had a chance to check out this video: 

If not, you've missed my friend Ezra walking you through 
everything you need to build a real business that you can sell 
for a LOAD of cash someday (sooner rather than later if you 
do it right).


In fact, Ezra recently sold one of his Brown Box stores for 
over $210,000! 

Here's a pic of the wire he received (he arranged some seller 
financing with the buyer for the remaining $22,500): 

The best part of the whole thing is… 

He never had to worry about warehousing inventory, or packing 
and shipping products! 

The manufacturer took care ALL of that for him. In fact he didn't 
even pay for the product until his customers had paid him! 

You can do the exact same thing. 

Go here to learn how:   

Talk soon,

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