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Friday, January 11th 2013

1:37 PM

What's the fastest way to $10,000 a month online?

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Hi Business Builders

Hope that you had a great holidays it's time to take new business idea in hands

Wow... I have a WILD story (and a really BIG payoff)
for you today.

Recently I heard a story from Kevin Wilke of Nitro
Marketing; he was telling one of the most amazing
true-life "rags-to-riches" stories I've ever heard.

The guy's name was Ed and he was on the verge
of living out of his car having lost EVERYTHING
in life.

(No joke, Ed was literally 2 weeks from moving
into his car full-time.)

Then, in one final "last ditch effort" he started an
online business following Kevin's system... and 87 days
later he was making, documented, over $20,000 a month.

For the next year Ed lived a life he previously
only dreamt about... taking his 2 young daughters
on a new vacation every few months, paying off
his debts (instead of going bankrupt).

He was feeling like Leo "I'm The King Of The
World" at the tip of the Titanic ship while
regaining everything he lost.


His health was snatched from him.

And after spending MONTHS in a hospital bed,
completely disconnected from the internet,
his business, email, and even the phone.

The doctors finally discovered the cause -
lyme disease - and got him back on the path
of recovery.

Finally, back to full health again but with
no money... he had to start from scratch, AGAIN.

But this time with the knowledge, skills and
belief he gained before... he REGAINED IT
all back within WEEKS.

That, my friend, is the power of having THE
RIGHT KIND of online business.

No - matter - what, you are always in the
driver's seat of your financial future.

Kevin even sent me a pic of the text message
he just got from Ed...

How He Did It...

I knew I wanted to pass this wisdom and
power onto you so you can follow in Ed's

Kevin agreed to share this no-cost, life
changing training webinar for a limited time.

REGISTER HERE (there's limited space)

Kevin will walk you, step-by-step, how you
can get started and be bringing in $10,000
a month in the next 90 to 120 days by
siphoning income straight out of a huge
$18 Billion dollar industry.

Best of all...

- you don't need a website
- you don't need an email list
- you don't need a product
- you don't need any technical experience

...and you ONLY need 6 customers and you are
making over $100,000 a year in recurring income.

I have to warn you, seriously, the last time
Kevin did a training webinar like this one...
first it overloaded the webinar service and
people were turned away (you can imagine why,
when the content is this juicy.)

And the lucky ones who did get on were FLOORED
with the value, step-by-step training, real
life case studies (including Ed's) and the
answers he provided.

So be prepared, this isn't just another tired
old webinar.

Make sure you
get registered and book it into
your calendar ASAP or you may miss out.

To Your Success!

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