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Monday, November 5th 2012

7:05 PM

This is so moving… and has to do with you…

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 Hi Marketers

Hope that you realy enjoy in the online business opportunity...Let's be introduced with this story...

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It was one week before Christmas, and
Nolan had $100 to his name. He didn’t
know what to tell his wife or kids. 

He didn’t know how he would tell them
that there are no gifts this year… And
he didn’t know what he would do about
his car payment, or the rent that was
due shortly.

An email came across his desk that had
this link in it:

One week later, he had $7,000 in his
bank account, and a wonderful holiday.

Jen (his wife) was taken to the Spa,
and the kids got that Xbox 360 they
wanted, and a bicycle.

The amazing thing is that not only did
he keep making money after that, but
he also started teaching his 8-year old
how to do this.

I said in the subject line that this has
to do with you, so let me explain.

We’ve all invested in different ways of
making money online, and just about all
of them require us to make a website.

Supposedly, this is easy, but designers
can be quite expensive, and often take
their time.

While there are thousands of tutorials
out there on how to build a site, most
of them are more confusing than
translating the tax code (confusing)
into Sanskrit (a nearly extinct
historical language)!

Nolan had the knowledge for making money
online… but websites were holding him
until he saw this:

When Nolan realized how easy making
beautiful websites that look like you
spent five-figures on them really were
(so easy, a 9 year old can do them), he
actually started making them for others.

Go check out this video, and save
yourself the frustration and opportunity
costs that are holding you back from
making the money you deserve.

To your success and freedom,



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